Monday, October 5, 2015

Scratching Through to September's End

This morning my wind-shield was not covered in frost.... was ice

The softest cloths I have ever made
Chenille made from muslin and silk

I am weaving plans for next year's scratchings
Hopefully I can make them work

Special Day

Back in the nineties
a piece of triangle experiments

A not so successful sample

It is Jude Hill whom I have to thank
for bringing me back to handwork
and for teaching me to just sit down
and stitch even on the smallest scraps of cloth.

Though I have to say that after hanging the show
me thinks I need to work larger.
Perhaps bringing together smaller pieces
but definitely dyeing larger pieces
if Hurricane Joaquin doesn't ruin things
I hope to leave large bundles of cloth and windfall
in the stream this week.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Walking the Beaches of Inverness

Our B&B was close to the beach in Inverness
We made sure we found time to walk the beach
at least twice a day
and what a treat that was.

The waves roared in across the Gulf of Saint Laurence

and some days the wind was quite something

but there is nothing like sea air to clear the cobwebs of the mind!

On one windy cloudless morning a juvenile eagle
flew right over us
and was already down the beach by the time I focussed the camera!

I found several pieces of sea glass
and some beautiful driftwood which I agreed to leave behind!

A boardwalk runs between the beach and the golf course
which Handy Hubby would have loved to play
.....perhaps another time.

Moody clouds scuttled over the beach one day.

I think we all love a beach
and the rhythm of waves and tides

Every evening

the sunsets were amazing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Inverness County Centre for the Arts

Handy Hubby and I drove my work
all the way up to Cape Breton
We started with my Daily Scratchings
which now need a wall at least 21 feet long.
Don't you love the shadows dripping down from each loop.

We filled the walls
according to our plan which we previously worked
out on our basement walls.
Must say that trying to work out a hanging plan before we got there
really helped.
We had worked out all the kinks before getting to the gallery.

Working things out ahead was of course Handy Hubby's idea.
He often has such great ideas!

As we worked away hanging in our gallery
the artist and printmaker Maria Doering
was climbing scaffolding in another gallery
 as she worked on her installation "Inside Me".
SAQA Atlantic Canada show "Structures"
covers the walls around Maria's piece.

Outside the gallery knitted windsocks danced on the sea breezes.

So many thanks to Handy Hubby for all his help in all I do.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September Has Been Magnificent

September has been magnificent on the Basin

The Rusty Pups and I 
wanted to check out an old haunt
The Queen Ann Dyke which we avoid in tic season!
As you can see the grass has been cut
and gathered in bales....

....some neatly piled on farmers' trailers.

We know it's fall
'cos the osprey have left
and the geese are practising

Some flights are still a tiny bit chaotic

but they will practice up and down the Basin
honking away
until they get it just right.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bringing it all Together

Behind the Woodland Scratchings
are stitches and knots
unchained by self consciousness

Around the measured edges edges of older works
bindings keep them on the straight and narrow

Daily Scratchings
neatly joined and folded
but no neat edging here.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Scratching The Surface - A Show

Letting you know
I am still stitching away for this
and slowly getting my mind around
all the administrative stuff.... well the six hours it is going to take us
to drive up there!

Will also have to steel myself
for a big opening
since the SAQA show
Structures will also
be there.

It is so natural to stitch away in my studio
openings are not so much!
But galleries full of textiles
is always a good thing.