Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Change of Medium

Took last weekend off
to spend it with the amazing artist Wayne Boucher and
a group of painters at our Community Art Centre.
The medium used was oil sticks
but I learnt so much more.

Wayne emphasized the importance of our work
being a continuation of the work we had done before.
That made it much easier for me
My paintings would have to reflect the marks of stitchings.

I became enthralled with finding marks and tools to make the marks.
As a complete novice I felt a wee bit overwhelmed
but Wayne was great and encouraged me as I explored my mark making.
I think I need to spend many hours learning this new medium
and mixing colours.

This large piece is what inspired that first painting.
It has been resting on the design wall
because I am in one of those moods.
The mood that brings me to wondering why the heck I do this!
Life might be easier if I wasn't so driven to create in stitch.
But my weekend painting must have been renewing
for I walked in the house, went to the studio
and fell in love with those lines of stitch that reach out beyond the main body of stitch.
This piece might not end up as planned just because of those lines
if not this piece
certainly the next one.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

And Here is Week Sixteen of Crumbs From the Cutting Room Floor

A blue sky week.

To me a very French looking week.
Perhaps in sympathy with what has been going on
 in France and Belgium this year.

It was Rachael who suggested the sword stitch
would be ideal for this year's cruciform theme.

So here it is.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Sense of Play is Opening on Sunday

I think this is our third show.
Just in case you don't remember...and why should you!
The Artists Way Collective was formed a few years ago
after having studied Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way together.

One feature of each show is always one communal piece.
This time we took three canvases
Nadine, one of the painters in the group, taped them together
We all descended on her lovely spacious studio
on the shores of St. Margaret's Bay.
Sherry had selected our palette.
I was supposed to be in charge of design
and they all know I hate being responsible for anything!
To get us started we took pieces of string and rope that happened to be lying around
and traced around them.
Then we picked up paintbrushes and went to town
with A Sense of Play of course!

Our first go at it was not that great design wise
so we came back for another day of play
and superimposed the leaf design all over the whole thing.
By the end of the second day I think we were all pleased.

It is not that easy bringing a show together with people
who are so different both in personality and artistic bent
and who use such different media.
As far as I am concerned I believe we have all learned
to listen....really listen to each other
and talk things through.
We always seem to be able to reach a compromise.
An impressive group.
Thanks Nadine, Grace, Sherry and Giselle.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Fifteen Weeks

The fifteenth to join the group

A crossroads amidst tiny scraps.
I do enjoy sewing those wee bits and pieces together.
The white crossroads looked too stark to begin with
so I thought back to my sun piece of a few years back.
My response then had been to fill the sun with blanket stitch
so I decided on the same stitch here.

Not a very good image
but the only image I can find at the moment.
Surely I took more pictures of this piece.
I hope so because it now lives somewhere else.
Obviously you can never take enough photos of your work!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Rusty Pup Day

A Favourite playtime
for Handy Hubby and the Rusty Pups.
Several times a day HH practices golf shots using tennis balls.

RP Shandy's obsession is to not allow that ball past her.
She would have made an excellent goalie.

Whereas RP Kayla would rather wander off
using her nose to discover what critters had wandered through her garden....

....or sometimes just keep me company.

When the tennis balls stop whirling across the garden
RP Shandy still keeps an eye on HH
to make sure she's not missing a ball retrieval opportunity.

If there is no chance of ball catching
I swear she drops a ball beside the pond
and waits to see how long it takes to roll into the freezing water
so that she can whine expecting me to dive in and get it!
I tell her that ball is her responsibility therefore her decision to jump in not mine.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Patchwork Crumb

This time a patchwork of tiny scraps
worked themselves into a tree.
A tree sitting upon a pile of pebbles.
Most everything around me sits on rocks and pebbles.

The tiny scraps are left over from tiny 3" blocks.
For some strange reason this year I decided to add the 365 challenge to my list of commitments.
Well actually I know the reason.
I have been looking for a project to reduce my bags of scraps
and perhaps end up with something useful like a beautiful quilt.
I am indeed enjoying the challenge though might not be able to keep up 
because of my embroidery commitments.

Frayed edges live alongside neatly turned edges

The feel of this one is interesting
I stitched the background with a very firm and bouncy machine thread
It really stands up on top of the cloth.

When I gave it a crown of leaves
that is when I thought of Jude's patchwork creatures
and thought I would give you a link to her lovely collage of beasts.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

What a difference a Day Makes

Saturday morning the Rusty Pups and I
Took our first walk on the dyke....first this year....and it is already April.
Despite the fact that it was very grey
we were very excited....we thought Spring must surely have sprung.

The grasses were weather worn and flattened
but still beautiful.

I was a bit slow
luckily the RP's were happy to wait patiently

We three thought it would be the beginning
of our daily walks....our meditation.
A time to check on low tides and high tides
A time to catch up with bird and critter activity on the Basin.

But when Sunday came along

 Things looked a bit bleak again.
Two steps forward
One step back.
We will get there.