Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What to do on a Stormy Winter's Day

Watch and listen to the wind through icy windows.
And the wind was vicious.

Try and play with your new camera
to get it to focus on icy windows
and not the swirling snow outside.

Then get it to ignore ice covered windows
and find the cardinals
searching for food amidst the storm.

This morning the Rusty Pups and us
just have to wait patiently to be ploughed out.
The driveway is beneath a lot of snow!

The best part of a snowy day
is stitching in front of a cosy fire.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Tripping Over One Mighty Rock Amidst the Pebbles

Stone circle
Now that I see this photographed
 it needs a few more stitches. 

Can you tell this is not just a pebble
It's a mighty rock
The biggest so far

 Practically round

Playing around with silk chiffon.

Another pebble with a hole
Also known as a Hag Stone
 Holey Stone
or Witch Stone
and many more names from ancient Britain.
It is said that if you look through the hole
with one eye closed
you will see the world of Faeries.

Frequently my rendition
just doesn't do nature justice.

Sometimes a short length of rusted string
comes in handy.

This should give you a better idea of the size
of my mighty rock! 

Hope you are ready for Valentine's Day
One thing I don't seem to have 
is a heart shaped pebble.
I know they are out there.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Stone Pathways Move into February

A pathway transitioning into February.
I have decided to add a strip indicating the start of a new month.
The next decision will be whether to stitch 'February' onto that strip.
If I do so, it should be subtle.
Only read when close up.

This was the day I turned seventy
woosh....it came so quickly...scary!
I tell you because there is another decision I have to make.
Do I indicate anything on those eventful days.

This is the smoothest, purest stone I have.
So beautiful in it's simplicity.

Some markings just cling to the sides of rocks.

Now, this would be a perfect pebble to skip across water.
Last year my son Mark and I tried showing two year old Ashley how to throw those flat stones across the water.
Maybe we will have more luck this summer!
Love those frayed edges.

I feel this pebble must have been born on a cloudy day.

Nature stained this stone with iron
I stained mine with leaves.

Just cute!

Stones and pebbles are taking over my life!
I've made many more pebbles
and played around on the design wall.
They just seem to fit with the natural dyes.

Friday, 3 February 2017


Everything -

The trees,

The wind,

the mountains,
everything inside us and around us
wants to reflect itself in us.

We don't have to go anywhere to obtain the truth.

We only need to be still,
and things will reveal themselves in the still water of our heart.

Thich Nhat Han's book
"Your True Home"

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Searching New Beginnings

I have to prepare five pieces for a show this summer
and as usual have been procrastinating
but now time is running short.
Better get started.
They all have to be a certain size
(don't you hate restrictions!)

My thoughts are to demonstrate all the colours
that can be achieved with plant materials.

So at the moment it is a matter of pinning
bits and pieces to the design wall.

Taking time and acting on that little voice
that says 'what if....'

For a couple of days I even acted on the "what if I I make a bunch more pebbles!"
But I don't like the result pinned up against a beige strip.
They still look best against the grey linen...which is a different project.

I think this last one will be the first to be basted together.
My second thoughts are to continue in the rocky theme
couching down rock outlines in an attempt to make
something that might look like a line drawing.
But of course things change as they evolve.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Stone Pathways Week 4

Seven more pebbles
Already just about a month into this new year.

Pale grey pebbles streaked in white are one of my favourites.

I don't have many white pebbles.
Will have to gather some more for this project.

One of my pebbles is surprisingly purple.
Even more surprisingly I found a piece of grey/purple silk
dyed with a multitude of leaves including Sumac.

French knot speckles.

Now that four weeks are done 
me thinks it is time to attach them to a backing
and start on the embroidery ideas rumbling around in my head.
If I don't get started soon
more time will pass
and all of a sudden this will have grown so big
that adding more embroidery will become
a large intimidating challenge!
Plus at my age those stitching ideas
will evaporate
if I don't act on them right away!

I love all the daily stitching and weaving, etc
that is going on nowadays.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Icy Ideas....Nature's Doodles

We are Icebound again.

Puddles down on the dyke are frozen smooth

Elsewhere the ice can be crunchier.

I like to record natures lines....


Mother Nature does a much better job....

of making design more interesting than I do.

Line next to another line next to another.
All flowing in the same direction
but each one unique.

Shapes within shapes
and, hey
I have just spied a P for Penny!